Department of Armenian Diaspora and Communities

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The department of Armenian Diaspora and Communities was created in 1959 which was firstly named “Department of History of the USSR and the Republics of People Democracy” and then renamed “Department of Armenian Diaspora and Historical Relations” and finally “Department of Armenian Diaspora and Communities”. Until 1980 the head of the department was V. Voskanyan, then in 1980-1988 V. Barkhudaryan, 1988-2004 V. Miqaelyan. In 2004 the mentioned post was again accepted by acad. V. Barkhudaryan who successfully holds it up to date.
Among well-known researchers of Armenian diaspora and communities are V. Voskanyan, V. Grigoryan (communities of Kazan and Astrakhan), J. Galstyan, V. Martirosyan (Armenian-Russian relations), V. Hakobyan, I. Dashkevich, N. Krivonosov, I. Kripakevich (Armenian-Ukrainian relations), V. Barkhudaryan (history of the Armenian community of Nor Nakhijevan), V. Miqaelyan (the community of Crimea), Q. Avagyan (the community of USA) etc..
There are also many scientific works devoted to the Armenian communities of Hungary (joint work of National Academies of Armenia and Hungary, “About the Armenian-Hungarian Historical Relations” Yerevan, 1983), Romania, Poland, Greece, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon etc.
In 2003 the department’s workers took up to publish Three Volumes of “History of Armenian Diaspora” two of which are already published and the third will be soon.