On the Events Dedicated to the 90th Anniversary of Academician V. Barkhudaryan: Report

Academician Vladimir Barkhudaryan would turn 90 years old on September 22, 2017.

On this occasion the Presidency of the NAS RA Academy of Sciences and the Institute of History held events dedicated to the memory of the honored historian. In the morning, after visiting his tomb, at the NAS RA Institute of History, in the presence of V. Barkhudaryan’s family members and numerous guests, the department called “History of the Armenian Colonies and Diaspora” was named after Academician V. B. Barkhudaryan.

During the second half of the day, at the Academy of Sciences’ Conference Hall, a session dedicated to Barkhudaryan’s 90th anniversary was held. The President of the Academy of Sciences of Armenia, Academician R. Martirosyan made an opening speech. Speaking of V. Barkhudaryan as the “Patriarch of the Academy of Sciences”, he noted that the life of the Academy could be divided into pre-Barkhudaryan and post-Barkhudaryan stages. Describing the honored Academician as a tireless workman of science and an irreplaceable friend, Academician R. Martirosyan urged young scholars to take an example from the rich scientific and moral experience of the prominent historian. For many years, in various difficult situations he did not hesitate to stand in the defense of the Academy’s interests, even opposing the presidents of the Republic and, as a rule, succeeding in it.

The jubilee message of the Diaspora Minister Hranush Hakobyan was read.

Director of the Institute of History, Academician A. Melkonyan mentioned in his brief speech that V. Barkhudaryan had the most active participation in the formation and development of the historical science of the Republic. As an author, editor and scientific organizational coordinator Barkhudaryan’s serious contribution to the creation of the academic volumes of the History of Armenian people (1960-1970’s) from ancient times to the present day should not be neglected. His contribution is also great in the creation of the volumes of the Armenian History, which is currently being published by the Institute of History. With his participation and editorial three volumes of the “The History of Armenian Colonies” were published.

The jubilee events closed with a scientific session organized by the Department of “History of the Armenian Colonies and Diaspora” of the Institute of History, where researchers of the Department made reports.

Historian V. Barkhudaryan will long live in scientific works and memories of representatives of the Armenian historiographical thought with his long-standing image and activity.