On  17th July 2018,  the director of  the Institute  of History, academician Ashot Melkonyan received in his office Dr. Jawad El-Baidhani, the dicrector of  the  Institute of  Kurdish  Studies in Iraq, who was visiting Armenia and the institute for the second time.  This meeting was attended also by Dr.Seta Ohanian of the Institute of History and Mr. Ara Ashjian, the wellknown Iraqi historian.

After cordial greetings, the two sides reiterated the importance of  deepening the present  bilateral relations between the two countries. In this respect, Dr. El-Baidhani expressed his previous wish and aim to found a center of Armenian Studies in The University of Baghdad in close cooperation with the Prelacy  of Armenian Apostolic Church. He further commented, that lately the number of  Iraqi scholars, who are interested in the research of  Armenian history in general and the Iraqi-Armenian community in particular, has increased quite significantly. Therefore, to have the proposed center established as soon as possible is of vital importance to all parties concerned. In this regard,  Dr. El-Baidhani further mentioned, that a number of Iraqi researchers, who are lecturers at Baghdad University, have already undertaken to prepare an outline of a study to be presented to the Ministry concerned (Ministry of Higher Education).


In return, Mr. Melkonyan expressed  his thanks and sincere gratitude for the action taken by the Iraqi historians and once again confirmed, that the Armenian side is also more than interested to strengthen the cultural ties particularly in the research field, to the benefit of both countries.

Doct. El-Baidhani also met Anahit Khosroeva, Ph.D., specialist on Assyrian Genocide.  This meeting took place on the 19th of July in a warm and friendly atmosphere during which  both sides exchanged views of mutual interest.

It is worth mentioning, that Dr. Jewad El-Baidhani is one of the sincere defenders of the Armenian Cause in the Iraqi historians circles.