“The Armenian Diaspora and Armenian-Russian Relations: Past and Present”

The International Academic Conference on “The Armenian Diaspora and Armenian-Russian Relations: Past and Present” took place in Moscow, 14-16 September 2016.

Many specialists from different countries of the world (Armenia, Russia, Belarus, USA, France, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, Moldova) took part at the Conference.
The Conference consisted of plenary and parallel sessions. The sections were: Armenian Diaspora in the world, History of the Armenian Diaspora in Russia, Historical ways of Armenia and Russia in the 12th-21st centuries, Armenian art, Issues of source studies and historiography of Armenian-Russian relations, Young research fellows.
The Institute of History of the NAS RA was represented at the Conference by several specialists. The director of the Institute, member of the NAS RA made a report entitled “From the History of the Armenian-Russian Relations. A Short Historical Outline”. The report of the head of the Department of History on the Armenian Question and Armenian Genocide Armen Marukyan was “On some directions of activity of the Foreign Ministry of Russia on the Armenian question in the years of the Armenian Genocide”. The leading researcher of the Institute Gohar Vardumyan made a report entitled “Manifestations of Folk Christianity in Modern Festive Life of the Armenians and Russians”. The report of Knarik Avagyan, the leading researcher of the Institute, was on “US Armenians in the Context of Armenian-Russian Relations in the 20th century”. The topic of the senior researcher Artak Maghalyan’s report was “The Army of the Artsakh Meliks”. And the researcher of the Institute Hasmik Amirjanyan made a report on “The Role of the Leader of the Armenian Diocese in Russia Josef Arghoutyan in the Russian-Armenian Relations at the end of the 18th century”.