Vladimir Barkhudaryan passed away. Institute of History expresses its sincere condolences to thе family members and all relatives of the distinguished historian.

Prominent scholar, Counselor of the Presidium of NAS RA, Doctor of sciences, Professor, Academician of NAS RA Vladimir Barkhudaryan passed away.   

Main areas of scientific research of Vladimir Barkhudaryan were the history of Armenian communities and the issues of Armenian-Russians relations. Barkhudaryan worked out a new scientific approach and is therefore considered as one of the founders of these fields.

In his monograph titled ‘’History of the Armenian community of new Nakhijevan’’ (vol.1-2, Yerevan, 1967, 1985), using various sources, he presented the economic, social, political and cultural life of the Armenian community of new Nakhijevan.

Under the leadership of Barkhudaryan, when he headed the Department of ‘’Armenian Communities and Diaspora’’, a creation of scientific articles’ collections dedicated to the history of Armenian communities was initiated: “About the Armenian-Hungarian Historical Relations”, ‘’Armenian liberation movements and Armenian communities in 16-18 centuries (1985), ‘’Pages from the history of Armenian communities''.

Vladimir Barkhudaryan participated in creation of new academic textbooks on complete history of Armenia.  

Vladimir Barkhudaryan held several top positions. He was a member of the Academic Council of the Institute of History, Archeology and Ethnography, the Faculty of History of YSU, the Matenadaran by Mashtots (Institute of Ancient Manuscripts), the Higher Attestation Commission. Barkhudaryan was involved in the activity of the Armenian Apostolic Church and was a member of the Supreme Spiritual Council of Holy Echmiadzin.  

Vladimir Barkhudaryan was widely involved in both academic and administrative activity for more than four decades. For his exceptional achievements he was awarded the Order of Honour of USR, the Order of St. Mashtots of RA, the Order of St.Mashtots-St.Sahak of Holy Echmiadzin, the gold medal of the Ministry of Education and Science.