On September 25, 2018, the expanded meeting of the Scientific Council of the Institute of History, NAS of RA took place with 5 issues on the agenda.

The first and the most important issue on the agenda referred to the awards ceremony. Hamo Sukiasyan, Ph.D and Vahe Torosyan, Ph.D, the researchers of the Institute of History, NAS of RA, and Gor Margaryan, Ph.D, the Scientific Secretary of the Institute of Oriental Studies, NAS of RA were honored with  awards after well known scholar Vladimir Barkhudaryan.

After that, the Scientific Council passed on to other agenda issues, which were the approval of the Ph.D thesis topics, the publications of the books of the researchers of the institute, the selection of the editors for the books and publications, etc.

The agenda issues of the session were summarized by the very interesting presentation on Battle of Carrhae (53 BC) presented by Dr. Hayk Hakobyan, the head of the Department of Ancient History of the Institute of History, NAS of Armenia.