On November 3, 2023, the NAS RA Institute of History is organizing an international online conference entitled “Historical Sources about Armenian Colonies”, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of sourceologist, historian, Cd. of Hist. Sci. Suren Kolanjyan.

By August 31 of this year, participants should submit the theses of the report to the “History of Armenian Colonies and Diaspora” Department within the limit of 1 page, including the topic of the report, the name and surname of the participant, as well as the institution that the reporter represents (independent researchers can also participate). Authors will be notified of their topic selection within 10 days.

The topics that will receive a positive opinion from the organizing committee will be presented at the conference.

 Materials should be sent to the following e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The working languages of the conference: Armenian, English, Russian.

15 minutes will be allotted for reports.

The materials presented at the scientific session will be published in the collection of articles entitled “Historical Sources about Armenian Colonies”.

Accommodation and food expenses are covered by the participants or the sending organizations.

“History” Scopus e-magazine of the Russian Federation published the article “Problematic issues in Armenian history school textbooks” by Academician Ashot Melkonyan

“History” Scopus e-magazine of the Russian Federation has published the article “Problematic Issues in Armenian History School Textbooks” by Academician Ashot Melkonyan, in which the blatant distortions of Armenian and Russian history in Azerbaijani school textbooks are also presented.

Signing of another cooperation agreement

On December 19, the NAS RA Institute of History hosted the Director of the Institute of History and International Relations of the Southern Federal University (SFU) of the Russian Federation, Professor Maria Ponamaryova and Associate Professor of the Department of History and International Relations of Foreign Countries Oksana Karnaukhova. A cooperation agreement was signed between the NAS RA Institute of History and the SFU.

Annual reporting meeting

On December 5, the annual reporting meeting of the NAS RA Institute of History took place. Director A. Melkonyan presented the work implemented by the Institute for 2022. He noted that the efficiency of work is steadily growing despite the reduction in the number of employees. During the meeting, it was also mentioned that there are more than 220 publications per year, which has already become a tradition for the Institute. In turn, the number of scientific papers in foreign languages has increased over 10 years from 11% to 32%. Scientific cooperation with other countries and Armenian scientific and educational institutions has largely expanded. The Institute was one of the organizers of three scientific conferences that have taken place this year in different cities of the Russian Federation. This year, cooperation agreements have been signed with three scientific and educational institutions of Georgia and Russia. 35 employees work part-time in 36 public institutions. Deputy Director K. Khachatryan, Heads of Departments A. Kharatyan, R. Sahakyan, G. Vardumyan, A. Marukyan, G. Stepanyan, Dr. of Sci. in Hist. G. Makhmuryan, Chairman of the Council of Young Historians V. Sargsyan and Academician-Secretary of the NAS RA Department of Armenian Studies of Yu. Suvaryan, delivered speeches and highly appreciated the work realized by the Institute for the year. Criticism was also voiced regarding the government program on joining the NAS RA institutes to universities.


Dissertation for the degree of Doctor of History on the specialization of  “History of Armenia” 07.00.01.

The Defense of the Disseration will be held on December 16, 2022, at 1400 at the Session of the Specialized Council 004 on Armenian History of SQC RA by the Institue of History of the National Academy of Sciences of RA (0019, Yerevan, Marshal Baghramyan ave., 24/4).

Claude-Armen Mutafyan-80

On November 1, 2022, the presentation of the book “Jerusalem and the Armenians before the Ottoman rule (1516)” authored by the foreign member of the NAS RA, Dr. of Sci. Claude-Armen Mutafyan took place in the conference hall of the NAS RA Institute of History.


The presentation of Paruyr Hakobyan’s memoirs entitled “About my life full of suffering” took place in the conference hall of the NAS RA presidium.

The book was thoroughly presented by the author of the foreword and notes of the memoir, Director of the NAS RA Institute of History, Acad. Ashot Melkonyan.

Acad. Yuri Suvaryan, Dr. of Hist. Sci., Professor Gevorg Stepanyan, Cd. of Hist. Sci., Associate Professor Hamo Sukiasyan, Researcher Armen Asatryan. They emphasized the exceptional importance of the book in the field of studying the history of the first quarter of the 20th century in Armenia. The son of the author of the book, Academician of the NAS RA, Vilen Paruyr Hakobyan, made a concluding speech.


The scientific cooperation between the North Caucasian Federal University of the Russian Federation (NCFU) and the NAS RA Institute of History continues. On October 21-22, the international scientific conference “Ethno-political conflicts in the Caucasus and the Middle East” was held at the North Caucasian Federal University of the Russian Federation (Stavropol). This time, the NAS RA Institute of History was on the list of organizers of the conference within the framework of cooperation with the NCFU.